Tire ware is one of the biggest safety concerns when driving. Keep a better eye on your tires with a tire pressure monitoring system



DIY Four-Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System with DC Power Outlet Indicator

The TP-70 is a do-it-yourself (DIY) Tire Pressure Monitoring System that will allow the driver to keep in eye on the temperature and inflation levels of all four tires on the vehicle. The system comes with four sensors that replace the factory valve stem caps and easily twist into place on the wheel. The system's indicator simple plugs into the DC 12V power outlet of the car and will self calibrate as soon as the system is powered up.

MSRP: $199.95


  • No matter where you drive now days, there is always the risk of a dangerous blow-out or an annoying flat tire when you drive on any street. Tires are huge safety concern on the vehicle. They are your vehicle's "shoes". They get you to and from wherever you are going and just like any shoe, they take a beating and if not cared for, ware out quickly. To increase safety for the driver and any passengers in the vehicle, it is a good idea to be able to keep an eye on all of your tires to make sure they are always in good form. That's where the TP-70 tire pressure monitoring system comes in.

  • You've probably seen a tire pressure monitoring system before, especially in newer vehicles. It's a light that pops up on your dash board whenever the inflation level drops too low on any of tires to warn the driver. These sensors are usually installed inside of each tire which can be expensive because that means that a tire shop would have to remove each tire from the wheels to get to the sensors. The TP-70 makes it a lot easier and a lot cheaper to get the same type of monitoring for your vehicle's tires. The TP-70 uses four small sensors (One for each tire) that screws onto the valve stem of the wheel replacing the factory vavle stem caps. Each sensor has it's own small battery inside of it and sends out a wireless RF signal just like the factory tire pressure systems. Once the sensors are attached to the valve stems, the TP-70 indicator is then plugged directly into the vehicle's 12 volt power outlet. The indicator has a four directional indicator to let the driver now which tire is having the problem, and will warn the driver of high temperature and over or under-inflation. This can be very useful not only to keep safe while driver but to also help maintain the life of the tires and to cut down on fuel usage.

  • When the TP-70 picks up a problem with the tire, it will emit a series of loud beeps to alert the driver and will display which tire is having the problem and give a readout of the tire's temperature and pressure. The TP-70 will also alert the driver to sudden pressure changes caused by a puncture to tire from screws, glass or any other debris in the road. If there is a leak, the TP-70 will alert the driver of the pressure loss so the driver can pull over and check the tire.

  • Installation of the TP-70 is very simple and fast, usually taking only a few minutes to install each sensor on each tire. The indicator simple plugs into the power outlet of the vehicle and that's it. Once the system is powered up by the vehicle's ignition, the indicator can then be set into calibration mode to look for each sensor. Once the calibration is complete, the system is ready to go. The TP-70 system comes with a small wrench to install the sensors onto the tires valve stems and you will not need to take your vehicle to a tire shop to have any equipment installed. It is a complete one-hundred percent do-it-yourself setup.

  • Features:

    • (4) RF tire pressure sensors
    • (1) Multi-directional indicator display
    • Quick installation of the system (No major tools required)
    • Sensors instll in place of the factory valve stem capsr
    • Tires do not have to be removed for installation
    • Long battery life (1-2 years)
    • Pressure indicator plugs directly into 12 volt power outlet
    • Sensors calibrate to the display once the display is powered on
    • Monitors high/low pressure and temperature
    • Monitors fast/slow leaks
    • Low battery and sensor failure warnings
    • Reduces tire ware and improves tire life
    • Saves gas and reduces emissions over time
    • Waterproof sensor design


  • Sensor Type: (?) (4) 433MHz RF Sensors
    Display Frequency: (?) 433MHz
    Visual Indication: (?) Plug-in LED Display
    Audible Indication: (?) Buzzer
    Operating Temperature: (?) -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)
    Power Source: (?) DC 12V (9V - 15V)
    Power Consumption: (?) ≤150mA
    Sensor Battey Type: (?) 3V CR-1632 (1 per sensor)
    Waterproof: (?) Sensors (IP68)
    Dimensions: (?) Indicator:  1⅛"(L) × 1⅛"(W) × 2"(D)
    Sensors:  ¾"(L) × ¾"(W) × ½"(D)

  • NOTE: Product specifications are subject to change and may change at any time without notice. For any questions, please call Technical Support at 800-998-6880


  • TP-70 Instruction Manual VER: A 4-30-2013 DOWNLOAD

  • NOTE: All installation and operation manuals can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher. To download the latest version: CLICK HERE




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