SecurView™ SV-8300.HD

SecurView™ SV-8300.HD

High-Definition Universal Style 3.5" LCD Color Monitor with Multi-Mount Bracket

The SecurView™ SV-8300.HD is a universal style HD monitor with a 3.5" digital LCD screen. As one of our first HD monitors to be sold with our SecurView™ line, the SV-8300.HD is a tried-and-true favorite. It uses a single RCA video input to hook up to a reverse camera and with automatically adjust the brightness and contrast as the image comes up on screen. It mounts to the vehicle using a flexible, swiveling bracket and can either be mounted to the windshield or dashboard.

MSRP: $219.95


  • The SecurView™ SV-8300.HD is a high-definition digital 3.5" color LCD monitor that will give the driver the absolute best crystal-clear image. This monitor offers a unique multi-mount bracket that allows it to be mounted to either the dashboard or windshield. The ultra-small design allows it to maintain a low-profile in the car without taking away from the clean factory look of the vehicle's interior. The small size is also perfect for dash boards that do not have a lot of mounting space. The SV-8300.HD has a single video input for a single reverse camera or an alternate external video source.

  • The SV-8300.HD can be used with any of the SecurView™ or PlateCam™ cameras or any other camera that uses an RCA cable video connection.

  • Features:

    • 3.5" LCD HD display
    • Includes multi-mount bracket
    • (1) Video input
    • Designed to be mounted on the dash board or windshield
    • Ultra-small design to keep a low-profile on the vehicle interior


  • Display Type: (?) HD Digital Color LCD
    Screen Size: (?) 3.5"
    Display Resolution: (?) 480 × 234
    TV System: (?) NTSC / PAL
    Backlight: (?) LED
    Touchscreen (?) No
    Audio: (?) No
    Normal / Reverse Image: (?) No
    Mounting Type: (?) Universal
    Video Input: (?) (1) RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)
    Dimensions: (?) 2⅞"(L) × 3¾"(W) × ⅝"(D)
    Operating Temperature: (?) -4°F - 158°F (-20°C - 70°C)
    Power Source: (?) DC 10V - 15V
    Power Consumption: (?) ≤0.6W
    Waterproof: (?) No

  • NOTE: Product specifications are subject to change and may change at any time without notice. For any questions, please call Technical Support at 800-998-6880


  • SV-8300.HD Instruction Manual VER: A 5-19-2010 DOWNLOAD

  • NOTE: All installation and operation manuals can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher. To download the latest version: CLICK HERE




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