Custom style LCD monitors for the dash board or headliner to keep the vehicle interior looking clean with minimal install time

SecurView™ SV-8400.RM

SecurView™ SV-8400.RM

High-Definition 3.5" Roof-Mount LCD Color Monitor

The SecurView™ SV-8400.RM is a one-of-a-kind roof mount LCD monitor in our SecurView™ product line. Instead of traditionally mounting to the dash board or windshiled, the SV-8400.RM has a special flat plate mount bracket that allows it to be mounted to the headliner of the vehicle. The monitor cna be push up and snapped into a closed position and lowered down into the open postion and swiveled 90° side to side to give the driver a better view of the monitor.

MSRP: $259.95
SecurView™ SV-9142.MDM

SecurView™ SV-9142.MDM

High-Definition 4.3" Motorized Digital LCD Color Monitor

The SecurView™ SV-9142.MDM is our motorized LCD monitor which automatically raises the 4.3" LCD screen into viewing position when the vehicle is shifted into reverse and will automatically close down when the vehicle is shifted out of reverse. The angle of the screen can be set to different positions between 50° to 120° depending on driver prefernece. The monitor uses one video input to view the reverse camera and automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the picture for day and night.

MSRP: $159.95




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