Locate, track and protect any of your personal or company vehicles with a GPS Tracking and Theft Recovery system


Traknet™ TN-4005.II

Consumer Trak™ Manual GPS Tracking System for Personal Vehicles

The Traknet™ TN-4005.II is our consumer GPS tracking system that allows the user to track there vehicle from a computer or Smartphone. The system can not only track the vehicle but can also unlock the vehicle door and shut down the starter or ignition system if the vehcile is stolen. The TN-4005.II is the perfect solution for vehicle owner's who want to keep any eye on there vehicle at all times.

MSRP: $495.00

Traknet™ TN-4011

Fleet Trak™ Automatic GPS Tracking System for Fleet and Business Management

The Traknet™ TN-4011 fleet tracker is our automatic tracking system designed to automatically track the vehicle whether the user is actually locating the vehcile or not. The system will automatically send out a location every 3-5 minutes depeding on user preference and the web-interface allows the user to view multiple systems on one screen making it perfect for fleet and business management.

MSRP: $595.00




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