Traknet™ TN-4011

Traknet™ TN-4011

Fleet Trak™ Automatic GPS Tracking System for Fleet and Business Management

The Traknet™ TN-4011 fleet tracker is our automatic tracking system designed to automatically track the vehicle whether the user is actually locating the vehcile or not. The system will automatically send out a location every 3-5 minutes depeding on user preference and the web-interface allows the user to view multiple systems on one screen making it perfect for fleet and business management.

MSRP: $595.00
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  • When managing a fleet of vehicles, knowing the real-time location of all drivers allows management to meet customer needs more efficiently. Whether it is delivery, service or other multi-vehicle enterprises. The TN-4011 Fleet Trak™ GPS tracking system allows the user(s) to track there vehicle from a computer and manage all of their vehicle on the same screen. The system is an automatic tracking system used for frequent tracking. This means that the system automatically send a location every three to five minutes whether the user is logged into the system or not. The user can log into the system and see a clear history of where the vehicle(s) have traveled. The system itself is a small self-contained module with a external GPS/Cellular antenna. Both the unit and the antenna can be mounted under the dash board.

  • Fleet Trak automatically sends out a location hit every three to five minutes allowing the user to see where the vehicle has traveled no matter if the ignition is on or off. If there is a Fleet Trak system installed in more that one vehicle, the user can track all vehicle on the same screen at once when logged into the website. Once the system is installed in vehicle(s), the service can then be activated. There is a small activation fee per each unit and a monthly cost for the service. The cost of the service can vary depending on how many Fleet Trak systems are up and running. The system provides unlimited tracking so there is no limit on messages to locate the vehicle. The monthly service charge will begin the day the service is actiaved.

  • The web application allows the user to track multiple vehicles at one time as long as each vehicle has a TN-4011 system installed. All vehicles can be viewed on a two-dimensional map or a three-dimensional Google map with birds eye view to give the user a better geographical view of the area. The system will report location, speed, heading, stop and idle times on all of the vehicles. A printable history report of all vehicles can be viewed and the system will keep a history of up to ninety days. All history reports can be downloaded and printed in PDF or Excel format. A real-time bread crumb trail is also provided so that the user can see where the vehicle has traveled and which roads it took. One of the other key GPS functions of the TN-4011 system is the Geofence. Just like the consumer tracking sytem, the TN-4011 Fleet Trak system can also have a Geofence perimeter set by the user so that they can receive alerts when the system crosses in or out of the set Geofence. The alerts can be sent to the user via SMS text message or email. Last but not least, all TN-4011 systems include a PTO (Power Take-Off) input to monitor the use of heavy equipment on the vehicle such as a tow-truck lift or snow plow. This allows the user to truly keep an eye on what the workers are doing when they are in the field.Monitoring PTO events with your TN-4011 system can help you: Improve driver accountability, optimize maintenance schedules and prevent improper vehicle use.

  • It’s not easy running a small business – especially when you need to track a fleet of vehicles. Without knowing each vehicle’s location, it’s tough to choose the best routes. This leads to lost time, high fuel costs, excessive mileage, and damaging wear and tear. At this point, fleet tracking becomes a valuable tool in running your fleet. With our easy-to-use web-based fleet tracking application, you can simply and affordably improve the way you manage your commercial vehicles. How? By tapping into all the vehicle and driver behavioral data at your fingertips to make smarter, timely decisions that help: Increase productivity, cut fuel costs, reduce labor costs, improve safety and security, reduce anauthorized vehicle use, minimize operating expenses and enhance customer service. All-in-all, Fleet Trak is the best solution to improve your fleet business whether it's: Shipping, towing, transportation, food service, technical service, etc.

  • Installation of the system is very simple, especially if you are only looking for basic tracking features on the vehicle. If tracking is all you want, then it is a simple power, ground and ignition hook-up. If you want the other optional features such as the PTO input, then this wiring will all have to be done by the installer and will take a little more time. These features are purely optional however and do not need to be hooked up in order of the basic tracking features to work.

  • Features:

    • System automatically tracks every three or five minutes with ignition on
    • Reduces operating expenses, increases roductivity and improves customer service of your fleet business
    • External GPS/Cellular antenna
    • Anteanna can be hidden under the dash board
    • Easy to use web interface.
    • On-screen multiple vehicle monitoring
    • Google Earth map with birds eye view
    • Real time bread crumb trail for all vehicles
    • Alert notifications via SMS text message or email
    • Reports speed, heading, location and idle time of vehicle(s)
    • Provides speed alerts, geofence and security notifications
    • PTO input for monitoring heavy equipment usage (Additional installation required)
    • Minimun three-wire connection: Power, ground and ignition
    • Nationwide coverage (Anywhere in North America)
    • Printable 90-day history reports of all vehicles (Downloadable in PDF or Excel formats)
    • Monthly billing with 1-Year or 3-Year web service plans
    • Activation fee per unit


  • Communication Modes: (?) GPRS / packet data, TCP/IP and SMS
    GPRS Mode: (?) Class B
    Radio Frequency: (?) GSM/GPRS Quad Band - (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
    Carrier Frequency: (?) L1 (1575.42 MHz.)
    Coarse/Aquistion Code: (?) Accurate within 33 Ft.
    Starter Kill Output: (?) No
    Door Unlock Output: (?) No
    Security Alerts: (?) No
    PTO Monitoring: (?) Yes
    GeoFence: (?) Yes
    Speed Alerts: (?) Yes
    Operating Temperature: (?) -22°F - 167°F (-30°C - 75°C)
    Power Source: (?) DC 6V - 32V
    Power Consumption: (?) Active: 70mA (12V)   Standby: 3mA (12V)
    Dimensions: (?) 4"(L) × 2"(W) × ¾"(D)

  • NOTE: Product specifications are subject to change and may change at any time without notice. For any questions, please call Technical Support at 800-998-6880


  • TN-4011 Install Guide VER: A 3-25-2012 DOWNLOAD
    TN-4011 User Manual VER: A 3-24-2011 DOWNLOAD

  • NOTE: All installation and operation manuals can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher. To download the latest version: CLICK HERE


  • The Traknet™ TN-4011 requires a service activation is order for you to start tracking your vehicle. The information listed below is the cost of the service plan and the features that it covers on the system. Once you're setup, you can track your vehicle(S), montior vehicle equipment usage and receive alerts and notifications. The system uses a browser based application so you can utilize the system from any smartphone, tablet or computer as long as you have a stable internet connection.

  • 1-Year / 3-Year Airtime Service Plans
    General Plan
    Please Contact Us for Pricing
    Prices change depending on how many systems are acivated with service
    800-998-6880 x214
    Monthly billing covers all units that are activated (Call for details)
    Includes ALL GPS Funcitons (Location, Heading, Speed Alerts, Idle Time and GeoFence)
    *PTO for Heavy Equipment Monitoring
    Alerts via SMS Text Message or Email
    Printable 90 Day History (Excel or PDF format)
    Unlimited Tracking
    System can be setup to track every 3 or 5 minutes when ignition is on

  • NOTE:*The PTO input for monitoring the vehicle's heavy equipment will require additional installation in order for the system to be able to report. Please consult with your installer prior to installation.


  • The Traknet™ TN-4011 has a variety of features and notifications that can be setup to give the user the best experience and overall functionality of our fleet tracking services. The "How-To" videos below with guide you with step-by-step training for settings up the essential features you can use with the TN-4011 system. If you have a TN-4011 fleet tracking system already, feel free to login and try out the features. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-998-6880.

  • How To: Change the Time Zone
    How To: Create Landmarks
    How To: Setup a Speed Alert
    How To: Setup an Idle Alert
    How To: Set Odd Hour Alerts
    How To: Assign Alert Recipients
    How To: Setup Bookmarks
    How To: Create a Geofence

  • NOTE:The information in the training videos may change at anytime without notice. If the video reflects information that you do not understand or you cannot see it on the tracking site, please contact us at 800-998-6880.




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